Northern Title



Ashli Gammon

Office Manager/Escrow Officer

Direct: 208-847-2567 Ext.170

Ashli Gammon hails from Oklahoma. During her career in Oklahoma she developed many skills, including office and managerial expertise. She moved to Bear Lake County 3 years ago to be with her finance’ a native to the valley. Ashli is looking forward to working in this industry. She especially excited for the opportunity to work with the people of Bear Lake Valley.

Lori Stephenson

Title Officer/ Escrow officer UT & ID

Direct: 208-847-2567 Ext. 125

Lori has close to 20 years’ experience in the Title/Escrow industry. She came to work for Northern Title Company/Family on July 27, 2006. She is dual licensed in title and escrow. Having a knack for numbers and directions makes platting legal description seem like the most interesting thing in the world to her. Researching land or handling the closing for buyers and sellers brings together a complete picture she finds fascinating. Before working in the title and escrow business Lori worked for a Mortgage Brokerage as a Loan Processor and Originator. She really likes details in all she does whether work or play. Planning and executing with quality by time, experience and/or results is high on her list of priorities.

Brittana Withrow

Escrow Assistant

Direct: 208-847-2567 Ext. 174

Brittana came to work for Northern Title Company fall of 2010 as an Office Assistant. She has many interest, talents and hobbies. She mostly enjoys being outdoors, especially in the mountains. Some of her favorite activities are horseback riding and skiing. She has been skiing the Rocky Mountain slopes since she was 3 years old. Northern Title Company has benefited from Brittana’s natural ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. She brightens this office and all who enter with her smile and caring attitude.